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4.7 out of 5

Hard Kombucha

as in 4% alcohol hard
one hundred percent good

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hard kombucha is a fantastically refreshing and fizzy drink

It's not only about what's in a drink, but more what's not in it

naturally fermentedgluten freeall veganclean and simplelive culturesno preservatives

One Hundred Percent Good

At LikeLouis, we brew kombucha the traditional way with an extra fermentation to kick it up a notch.

Our ingredients are all natural, and so is our careful process. Because our raw hard kombucha is untreated, every fermentation is unique, and each batch is ever so slightly different.

The fluctuations are so minor that you might not even notice, but they’re a hallmark of our quality. We think it’s the best alcoholic drink you can get: one hundred percent good, guaranteed!

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What Our Customers Say (For Real) ✌️

The Kombucha taste was something new to me, but I found the combination with mango really refreshing 🌊

The classic is really tasty and refreshing. I brought it to some friends and the hard kombucha was gone in some minutes. We are going to try the other ones as well now 🔥

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