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LikeLouis founders

Our Foundational Ingredients

Like a lot of people, we aim for a healthy lifestyle. And to us that means not only taking care of our bodies, but also truly celebrating the time we spend with the people we care about. You know, a balance. So you might say we were thirsty for a drink with an alcohol level that suited our socializing while also serving up clean, quality ingredients.
Something a little different and with a great taste.

The funny thing was, we couldn’t find it. While the ever-increasing emphasis on what we put in our bodies has resulted in more and more good food choices, when it comes to drinks with alcohol… well, not so much. Then we had an idea…

That beverage revelation?
Hard Kombucha

Brewed For Friends, Against Odds and Ends

We all believed in the same goal – the best quality, the best product for the consumer. Absolutely no preservatives, no pasteurization. Something we would be proud to share with our friends. After more than a year of experimentation and discovery, we had our drink.
We called it

Our name is just our way of paying tribute to Louis Pasteur, that outstanding French guy and “great experimentalist” who was a pioneer in the field of microbiology.
While we see the irony in naming our proudly unpasteurized hard kombucha for the man who invented pasteurization, we share doctor P’s fascination with fermentation. So as we performed experiment after experiment to get things right, we felt just a little “LikeLouis”. Besides, we think the uplifting ring of our name fits perfectly with our feelgood brand!

Our Commitment

Enabling consumers to choose a different drinking experience with clean products that don’t compromise on taste:

We take no shortcuts and reach 4% alcohol
through natural fermentation only.

100% gluten free, brewed for all dietary needs.

No honey or animal-based ingredients.
Our products are 100% plant based and vegan.

Tea, filtered water, sugar and a culture of yeast and bacteria – that’s it!

We do not pasteurize or filter, keeping it as natural as we can.

We stay away from all the nasty stuff!

One Hundred Percent Good

LikeLouis is one hundred percent good, but it’s not perfect – and we wouldn’t want it to be. Here’s what we mean:

Our ingredients are all natural, and so is our careful process. Because our raw hard kombucha is untreated, every fermentation is unique, and (in contrast to the “perfect” consistency of fully industrialized products) each batch is ever so slightly different.
The fluctuations are so minor that you might not even notice, but they’re a hallmark of our quality. We think it’s the best alcoholic drink you can get: one hundred percent good, guaranteed!
Moreover, as first-time founders and collaborators (and as humans in general), we don’t claim to be perfect, either. But we strive for one hundred percent good in everything we do. That’s why we took our time in crafting LikeLouis, doing everything the natural way, with no shortcuts. Our dedication to “one hundred percent good” also keeps us focused on the way forward, always working to get better.

Things We're Working On At The Moment

  • 🌱 Organic certificate
  • ✍️ Detailed overview of our processes
  • 👩‍🦯 Accessibility of our webpage
  • 🤝 Finding new partners
    • 🍽️ Restaurants, cafes, grocery stores
    • 🚚 New delivery solutions
    • 🎁 Collaborations with other brands & products we believe in
  • 📦 Our own branded packaging
  • 👋 Expanding our team -> check out the open positions
  • ✌️ Learning more about our customers
Please let us know where we can improve or what you’d like to see us put energy into. Just send your thoughts to cheers@likelouis.com and we’ll be happy to listen and get back to you.
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